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How Do You Brew? #1: Pour Over

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It takes a lot of work and care to bring you our organic, Fair Trade coffee beans, so when it comes to brewing, we make sure we do it right so that these beauties really shine! Today we're featuring our favorite pour over machine and giving you a step by step on how we like to brew.


There are a lot of options for pour over coffee makers these days, but we love sticking with a classic Chemex. It's easiest to purchase the already folded square filters, but if you want to do some folding and feel particularly fancy, it can be really fun to have the unfolded half moons on hand too. There are tons of little gadgets and add-ons for Chemex, but we think a 6 or 8 cup original and a box of filters is really all you need.

Here are the steps to get the best cup out of your Chemex.

  1. Fresh ground coffee always tastes best! If you can, grind it yourself right before you make it. For Chemex and most pour over makers, a medium coarse grind is suggested. (This blogger will tell you from experience that if you have drip ground Red Thread Good coffee on hand that you use with your automatic machines, it will still work just fine.)
  2. Grab your Chemex bonded filter and open it into a cone shape. Place the side with three layers of paper at the pouring spout.
  3. Grab your kettle (a narrow spout like this one works best for pour over) and pour a bit of boiling water over your empty filter, letting it drain through into the glass carafe. Once it is completely drained, pour out the water. Now the container is heated and the filter is primed! (You could skip this step, but it keeps your coffee hotter longer!)
  4. Scoop one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee per 5oz. cup of water and place into your filter cone.
  5. BLOOM your grinds! This step is important, so please don't skip it. As much as you want to hurry up and brew that delicious Dreamy coffee NOW, blooming your grinds will help brew the coffee as it was intended, bringing out all that is great in those grinds. Once your hot water has come to a boil, allow it to stop boiling vigorously and then pour a small amount of water over the grinds and wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute while the hot water works its magic.
  6. Continue to pour your water slowly over the grinds as your coffee brews. Don't get too impatient and fill to the top of the filter cone. Treat this like a ritual and enjoy the brew. On the 6 and 8 cup Chemex, the glass button notates "half full" and the wooden collar is "full." Don't just wing it, measure your water / coffee ratio to that 1 rounded tablespoon per 5oz. of water.
  7. Once the water has fully worked through the grinds, toss that filter and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Trust us it's worth it. The Chemex glass carafes are safe on glass and gas (on low!) stove tops if you need to keep the coffee warmer longer. Use the included wire grid if you have an electric coil stove top. If you're adding milk or creamer, you could warm that up too. Ours is gone long before it gets cold.

Pro tips: Don't forget to remove the wood and leather collar before you pop the glass machine into the dishwasher! Once it's clean and dressed, your Chemex will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter or table as a permanent, beautiful work of art until your next brew.