Red Thread Good

Good Coffee. Good News.


We’re with you… the convenience of a single serve k-cup is a very good thing - especially if you’re busy, finicky or both! You probably have friends and family who bought single serve machines so everyone can choose their own morning coffee.

Then the news hit: K-cups = bad news! They’re indestructible and in landfills all over the planet, plus often just don't taste very good.

Coffee lovers longing for that rich flavor and caffeine jolt have long written them off - disappointed and holding a $100+ machine with nowhere to go.

We at Red Thread Good set two goals: make single serve Eco-friendly and deliver our best-in-cup taste you've come to expect from us. Very GOOD!

Even better - we're proud to say our cups are 100% biodegradable, compostable and BPA free. Yep! Good for you. Good for the planet.

Pick up one of our 10 cup K-Cup Boxes in Dreamy, Decaf Dreamy, Coconut, Purist Nicaragua or Purist Sumatra HERE. We challenge you to taste test these babies against any of your current favorites!