Red Thread Good

Being Cool Never Sounded So Good!


Our mission is to change the world one delicious serving of cold brew at a time. We keep it simple: pure water and organic, Fair Trade coffee beans, and our custom slow roast process. Sure, you can add sweetener and creamer, but we’ll bet you’ll choose to drink it black. All of our blends are smooth and full of flavor, but without the bitterness of regular iced coffee, so your stomach can stay happy. Our flavoring is natural and comes at the roast, not from heavy syrups or additives, which means there’s a delightful hint of chocolate or coconut, not an overbearing chemical taste, and our coffee stays low calorie and sugar free. 

All in all, we like to think we’ve got good taste hands down, but what matters most to us is that our cold brew drinkers think so, too! So, we put together a list of our All-Time Favorite Taste Shoutouts, because we love to see our mission in action.

  1. Hudson and Leah, founders of @whatimholding: “Maybe it’s because I’m NYC born and raised, but this LOCAL @redthreadgood cold brew coffee made in NYC makes me feel at home.”
  2. Jessica Seinfeld, cookbook author and food blogger: “This cold brew coffee is next level in mood enhancement. What are you people at Red Thread Good slipping in here? I’ve never been happier. It’s weird.”
  3. Denise Mari, founder of Organic Avenue: “Cold brewing is a very unique process, one that Red Thread Good has got down to a T…. This special process creates a pleasingly smooth flavor that always tastes fresh and is never bitter.”
  4. Kat O’Dell, editor of Eater Drinks: “With so many great cold brew coffee options, Eater decided to taste through the best of what's available on a national level… For those who opt not to cut cold brew with dairy, Red Thread Good is a great choice for a slightly lighter style cold coffee that's ready to drink.”
  5. Melissa Kravitz, writer for amNewYork: “Red Thread Good brews up a strong, flavorful cold brew! The USDA organic brew comes in chocolate, coconut, regular and decaf brews made from sustainable coffee beans. Low calorie and unsweetened, each bottle yields about 5 calories and has no sugar.”
  6. BevNet, beverage industry site: “There's no sweetness to the product, but it doesn't really seem to need it as the smoothness of the coffee gives it a surprisingly easy to drink flavor. And truthfully, we'd have no problem drinking the concentrate straight."

A HUGE thanks to every one of our caffeine addicts who have thrown us a shoutout. They always make our day, just like we hope we make yours! Keep being cool and doing good.