Red Thread Good

The Legend of the Red Thread

The legend we honor in our name - Red Thread Good - and our deeds originates from the ancient Far East.  At birth, each of us is connected by a red thread to those we are destined to help in this lifetime. This connecting thread stretches and tangles, but never breaks.

Red Thread Good practices the legend in many ways – top among them is giving 2¢ for each serving purchased to charities that help our buyers’ neighbors by providing nutritious foods. So, when you get a bottle of concentrate, 16 cents goes to charity and when you get a bag of beans, 48 cents goes to charity.

Also we’re easy on the planet – cold brewing is unplugged and we partner to compost our grounds.

Our philanthropic commitment in 2015:

For the greater NYC area, we partner with God’s Love We Deliver, a local charity that delivers nutritious high-quality meals to individuals who, due to illness, are not able to provide meals for themselves.  God’s Love prepares and delivers over 1 million meals each year—and there’s never a waiting list.

So, every time you drink Red Thread Good coffee, you're helping someone in the neighborhood.

be cool. do good. One coffee at a time.

Click here to learn more about God’s Love We Deliver.

We are in the process of finding local charities that focus on hunger in Boston and in the Hamptons. Please contact us if you’ve got some good ideas on that.